At Dynamic Flooring we have done research and we’ve found that the major pain points in doing a renovation came up to be Time more than anything else. Most people says that because their project took longer than expected it ended up costing much more, not to mention the ups and down they had to witness during the renovations itself.

The purchasing part of the project was easy, yeah that was the easy part. It was the execution of the project that seems to be more complex and should be done by true professionals

Thats why it has become our core goal to address issues like this and concentrate energy to manage positively the posibble downfalls of remodeling in general.

I have put together a team of experts to handle all aspects of the Flooring Industry, from sound proofing to waterproofing and all kind of flooring solutions.

We are General Contractors and can handle your bathrooms and flooring projects from beginning to end. From materials selection to Installation.

We believe that Remodeling should not be a daunting event!